Nikita Cano presents his emerging label that explores hypnotic and outsider sides of contemporary techno house music.


september, 2016

Now based in Barcelona


february, 2014

Relaunched as outlet for experimental intelligent electronic music


July, 2010

Founded in Moscow as label
for microhouse and minimal techno

Eight years ago I launched my own imprint with an intention to bypass commercial filters of existing record labels in order to release any sort of electronic music that I produced and wanted to give away without being told that I was out of the format or still too young to be taken seriously in the music industry.

Since 2010, my creative outlet for sound experiments (previously known as Stoned, label.FM and miniFM) has released more than 19 hours of hypnotic electronic music with minimalistic approach and aesthetics made by emerging sound producers from Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States.

During these 8 years I’ve been constantly searching for brand new names in intelligent electronic music and with a massive help from my creative partners, sound production communities and platforms like Soundcloud and PromoDJ I have discovered spectacular and glorious contemporary techno house music by 8_four, Adam Dees, bdtom, Carel Essness, Craaash, Deepkey, Ekstendia, Haseman, J Toubas, Janno Kekkonen, Jiri Chvatal, Jorma Ois, Kreeman, Lavrov, Lem Bertch, lost-radio, Marokone, Martin Hatch, Melldu, Meloque, Micro G, Ohmikron, Ole-Ole, Olej, Oxoplus, PerfluXe, ShogunSpy, Sinawi, Stas Simonov, Strogova, Sydney, Tidlös, Tommy Young, Toricos, Until 33, Volodey, Zhe and Zoltan Solomon.

I disagree with the idea of seeing all these powerful and talented producers as label roaster; I treat them as a club, community, family and house instead. This is why our music is not solely released in traditional formats — singles, extended plays and long plays — as I’m convinced that crafting compilations from various sound producers that make music united by similar ideas and principles is one of the most convenient ways to help their fan bases grow efficiently.


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Nikita Cano


EP, 2018


EP, 2018


single, 2017

Gothic Rave Queer

EP, 2017

Ketamine Dream

Single, 2017


Album, 2015




Compilation, 2016


Compilation, 2016


EP, 2015




Compilation, 2016


compilation, 2016


Lem Bertch

Dark Blue Dress

Single, 2015

Back In

EP, 2014


EP, 2012


Janno Kekkonen

Human Body

EP, 2016

Okinawa Mood

Single, 2015

Deep as It Should Be

EP, 2015